What Are Roasted Grain Teas

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Roasted Grain Teas?

Roasted grain teas are made by (you guessed it) roasting grains until they are caramel and chocolate in color and give off a nutty, sweet aroma. The most common and traditional ingredient is barley, but at INAKA we use a  blend of both roasted barley and roasted corn to produce a tea that has a balance of roasted, nutty, earthy, sweet, and refreshing notes–just the way we like it. 

INAKA is brewed and bottled to bring this beautiful beverage straight to you. It’s blended with organic ingredients that complement the deep flavor of our grains. And by the way, we use no artificial flavors in our teas, all flavors come straight from the source.

What is INAKA?

INAKA (ee-nah-kah) comes from a Japanese word meaning countryside or hometown. It was chosen to honor the place where our founder first tried and fell in love with roasted grain teas, in the mountains of Northern Japan. It is also a nod to our Mississippi roots. INAKA is synonymous with a slower pace of life, nostalgia, and hospitality. For us, it can be more than a place; it can be a state of mind when or where you are most relaxed, fulfilled, and feeling at home. It is our goal that all of our teas help you find your INAKA. 

The Benefits

Roasted grain teas are known to be cleansing for the body, good for digestion, helpful in reducing stress, and high in antioxidants. In Japan, they are drunk for its cooling effect on the body. INAKA is naturally caffeine-free, so you can drink it any time of day, as frequently as you like.

Roasted grain teas are rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A and C, aiding in overall physical health. They act as a detoxifier-barley tea naturally contains pyrazine, which helps prevent blood coagulation and improves circulation. Barley tea also contains melatonin, tryptophan, and amino acids to help you relax and feel at peace. Ultimately though, it’s just delicious.

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