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Our Story


A gesture of Japanese hospitality turns into a modern brand with roots in tradition.

Chat Phillips fell in love with roasted grain tea upon first drinking it as a college student in Northern Japan. Traveling during a hot summer, he was graciously served the flavorful, refreshing, and satisfying beverage.

Chat was instantly hooked. Experiencing firsthand the lovely traditions of Japanese barley tea made a lasting impression. 

Upon returning to the states, his inability to quench his thirst and soothe his body with the calmness of this functional drink left Chat feeling determined to introduce North America to Japanese barley tea.

His efforts gave birth to Inaka Tea, the closest you can get to enjoying authentic Japanese barley tea as if you were visiting Japan. Inaka is a state of mind that encourages you to slow down, take a break, and enjoy a relaxed moment with a feeling of home. It’s the caffeine alternative that fits with our growing health-conscious lifestyles.

Welcome Inaka into your home like Chat did and enjoy its delicious, soothing, and functional benefits. We can’t wait for you to try it!