Variety 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles
Variety 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles

Variety 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles

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For quiet moments at home or festive gatherings with family and friends, turn to the anytime beverage and enjoy the variety of  a barley tea bottle you’ll savor with each sip! Our pack comes with four bottles of the Original, Ginger, and Mint roasted grain tea arriving conveniently at your doorstep. It’s just a click away to serenity. Tea lovers are in for a refreshingly perfect, sweet, and nutty treat!

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A Quick and Easy Wellness Retreat

This barley tea bottle is a quick and easy way for consumers to gain functional benefit. Japanese culture calls this mugicha barley tea. You’ll call it delicious for your pre- and post-workout beverage, an afternoon relaxation break, and a tasty accompaniment to any meal

Functional Benefits for Everyone

Caffeine-free Japanese barley tea is great for adults and children, and safe during pregnancy. It’s the best anti inflammatory drink for every generation. Make it your family's natural anytime tea for gut health, relaxation, immunity support, mental clarity, and so much more! With the growing trend towards alcohol-free beverages, it's the natural choice for all celebrations. Cheers!

The Anytime Tea in a Bottle

This convenient barley tea bottle goes with you wherever and whenever the mood feels right. With the variety pack, you’ll never be too far away from the distinct flavors of roasted grain tea. Relaxation is top of mind with our brand for a wellness retreat to be enjoyed time and time again. Enjoy it on your next picnic, outdoor hike, or poolside. Can you picture it now?

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