The Anytime Tea

The all-natural roasted grain tea with soothing properties
that makes every day better.

Inaka invites you to a new kind of tea time. One where Japanese barley tea is on the menu for a wellness break filled with the delicious taste of roasted tea. Relax and enjoy it any time the mood strikes.

We turn up the flavor with our blend of refreshing mint Japanese barley tea. There is nothing else quite like it in the form of a good digestive drink that instantly makes you feel better overall.

This traditional roasted tea drink is enjoyed daily in Japanese culture. We’re the first to bring it to North America, introducing a new generation to the feel-good wonders of this all-natural beverage with soothing benefits in a convenient bottle.

A powerhouse of wellness, our anti inflammatory ginger tea is filled with the natural sweetness of roasted corn balanced with spicy organic ginger. Its relaxing and soothing properties complement the flavorful taste!

Variety 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles
Variety 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles

Variety 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles

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For quiet moments at home or festive gatherings with family and friends, turn to the anytime beverage and enjoy the variety of  a barley tea bottle you’ll savor with each sip! Our pack comes with four bottles of the Original, Ginger, and Mint roasted grain tea arriving conveniently at your doorstep. It’s just a click away to serenity. Tea lovers are in for a refreshingly perfect, sweet, and nutty treat!

Improves Circulation         Supports Immunity         Contains Antioxidants         Encourages Relaxation and Sleep         Helps Boost Digestive Health         All-natural        May Help Decrease Inflammation        No Artificial Flavors        Less than 30 Calories        Less than 5 Ingredients        Organic Cane Sugar        Delicious, Nutty Taste