Mint 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles
Mint 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles
Mint 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles
Mint 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles
Mint 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles

Mint 12 Pack, 16 oz. Bottles

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As you breathe in the aroma and nutty flavor from our mint tea caffeine free and Japanese barley tea, your body enjoys a more relaxed state of mind, the perfect beverage at the end of the day to drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep. The calming effects are noticeable as this traditional Japanese digestive drink tucks you in for rest with its flavorful mint tea elements which help aid digestion when you need it most. 

Ingredients: Brewed Mint Grain Tea (Filtered Water, Organic Roasted Barley, Organic Roasted Corn, Organic Mint), Organic Cane Sugar

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Supports Digestion and Sleep

Mint has long been known to support digestive health and our version is no exception. Inaka mint tea helps aid digestion when you need it most. We love to always have a supply on hand to reap the benefit and address common digestive issues before they become a bigger problem. Enjoy the immediate relief while savoring the mint flavor. Plus, the naturally occurring melatonin and tryptophan helps the body relax so you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Who doesn’t want that in a good digestive drink?

Helps With Mental Clarity

When that deadline is nearing and your work-from-home mood needs a boost of concentration, take a sip of mint tea caffeine free and get back to business in no time. Think of it as the coworker that is always by your side keeping you on task. Put the coffee cup down and pick up a bottle of Inaka mint for a refreshing, beneficial, and no caffeine-jitters experience. It’s the caffeine alternative that provides mental clarity and really gets you going in a calm way.

Delivers Guilt-Free Flavors

The combination of refreshing mint, slow-roasted grains, and a hint of organic sugar is a guilt-free pleasure any time of day or night to quench your sweet tooth. It’s so good you’ll want to share it with others (as long as they get their own bottle!). Low in calories. Big on flavor. It'll soon become your go-to beverage for all its functional properties, infused with natural ingredients in a convenient bottle. Barley mint tea caffeine-free, one sip and you’ll be pleasantly hooked!

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